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Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Imperium Publishing
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The Anna Stone has been stolen from the Kingdom Larindana. Little is known about the artifact aside from one simple fact: it will give the one who is able to wield it, unlimited powers. The stone has been taken to be given to a ruthless tyrant, King Toler, in the Kingdom Thoron. If he learns that he has the ability to use the powers in the stone, not a living soul will be safe from his rule. Time is running out before the king gets ahold of the treasure so the court of Larindana acted quickly.

Twarence, Onyx, Aria, Arkon, Jaras, and Barina, have been called to not only retrieve the stone but to do what nobody else has been able to and end the reign of King Toler. Each of them are masters of their skills and trades, and have managed to keep a low profile so they can travel without suspicion. Their guide and thief Barina, does her best to navigate them past dangers both magic and mortal.

Betrayal, causing tragic and preventable deaths will tear them apart. With the group seperated, will they still be able to retrieve the stone and defeat Toler? Will they be enough to overcome a man who is so powerful in both magic and might, that nobody has dared to cross him?

The fate of a kingdom and more is on the shoulders of six strangers brought together by chance and bonded by their shared duties to save a kingdom and stop a tyrant. Without them together, what chance do they have?